Traveler Gift Box


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This box is intended to serve the adventurer at heart. It offers every day carry items to support that wanderlust. Like Hemingway, Thoreau or a more modern-day Kira Salak - this box is inspired for the traveler. A pack of travel-ready notebooks and pen, allows you to write your thoughts down on a whim. Protect and keep your hands and lips together with Olivina's Hand Rescue and Bourbon Vanilla Lip Balm. Wipe sweat, blood and dirt off your brow with the classic cowboy handkerchief. Then use the Gerber multi-tool to open a cold one at the end of the day. Be prepared. Travel-well.

  • Olivina’s Hand Rescue soothes and heals hard-working hands. They understand that hands go through a lot at times. From fixing the car, repairing a roof or building a boat this will help your hands go from hand-tools at the house to handshakes at the office. Impress folks with the smell of cedar and bergamot.

  • A journal made by Public Supply for someone who appreciates the small things in life. Soft cover, ruled #60 natural cream paper. Made by Public Supply, who give 25% of their profits to public school teachers. Designed and made in the US.

  • Olivina’s Bourbon Vanilla Lip Balm is a great choice to protect lips. It is made with organic olive oil and cocoa butter. All natural - no parabens, phthalates, SLS or petroleum. 

  • The Gerber Shard tool fits easily in your pocket or on your key chain. It is a bottle opener, miniature pry-bar, 2 flat-head screwdrivers, a Phillips head screwdriver and a wire-stripper. 

  • Classy, well made aluminum pen. Sleek and modern, it will impress anyone who asks for signature.

  • This is the classic handkerchief, the epitome of minimalist utility. It's down-to-earth and hard working. It's for those adventurers who need to wipe their brow and clean their hands after a job is done.

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