Red Cardinal Gifts was started by Elizabeth Scott. Elizabeth is wife, and mother of two. She has always had a passion for classic, design. With a background in business and marketing, she always wanted to start her own business being a creator of beautiful products. That in combination of loving puzzles and building things the idea of the gift box felt perfect. Over time, she came to understand the importance of a well-thought, well-designed gift. So, she decided to venture out and start Red Cardinal Gifts.

Taking themes from her home state of Virginia, she decided to use the Red Cardinal in the name and logo. She did this because she wanted to offer local and regional products in her gift boxes, alongside other specialty products.

Elizabeth has a passion for great customer service and is heartfelt in the act of giving gifts. We understand the meaning of gifts and we want it to be conveyed in the services and gift boxes we offer. Red Cardinal Gifts wants to be that partner in that journey and tradition of gift giving.