Why Red Cardinal?

The red northern cardinal is well-known and notable. You can’t miss it if it shows up in your backyard. Here at Red Cardinal Gifts, we've chosen the bird to represent our name and our logo because of the familiarity and character that it has. How does a cardinal exemplify a business built around gifts? By definition “cardinal” means essential or of greatest importance. The act of giving is fundamental to our humanity. As for the bird, the cardinal is always around. It never migrates. The opportunity to give a gift is always there too, it never disappears. The cardinal is a songbird and can brighten a dreary day with it’s song, just as a gift can lift someone’s spirit. The cardinal red stands for passion and vitality. A gift given out of love can display and feel the same. Some say, the cardinal is a spiritual messenger from loved ones who have passed.

Next time you see a red cardinal, think of what it stands for and then think of the next opportunity you can give someone a gift. We would love for you to choose us in helping you give that gift! Shop Now