The Gift That Always Makes Sense

It’s a moment that most anyone can relate to and understand. It is that instant of joy and kindness that is felt by both the gifter and receiver, when a unexpected gift is given by a guest to a host. The housewarming gift or host/hostess gift is the gift that almost can never fail, unless no thought or consideration was ever used to pick it.

The Gift that Always Makes Sense

These gifts don’t necessarily have to be fancy or lavish, and in fact if they do cross a threshold of being perceived as too extravagant, it can make the host feel inadequate or indebted. According to the timeless, Emily Post, something as easy as hand towels, hard cover book, a houseplant or something that you can share like wine. Lonely Planet hints to a more of a traveling scenario by saying, “Better yet, bring something indicative of your home city/town.”

At Red Cardinal Gifts, we want to stand-by these ageless traditions, because we understand the joy of hospitality and passion of giving. We will continue to strive to offer you well-curated choices of gift boxes. Take a look at our selection of products, from teas to tea towels.