Exploring Gift Giving Part 1

Red Cardinal Gift Box

Gift giving has been part of the fabric of society since humans were able to document the act. Sociologists, anthropologists and other “-gist’s” have long studied the act of giving and receiving gifts. Marcel Mauss, a famous sociologist once wrote in reference to the act of giving and reciprocity, “..the objects are never completely separated from the men who exchange them; the communion and alliance they establish are well-nigh indissoluble.” (The Gift, pg. 31). Mauss is stating that a gift carries a deeper meaning, beyond the face value of the gift.

Think back now to a gift that was given to you. You may be able to even look around the room you are in or maybe it’s something that you wearing or carrying, that was a gift from someone. You probably remember that moment, that jolt of joy but also that heartfelt gratitude to the one that presented it to you. This feeling and memory, no matter the degree, will be forever bound to the gift. You always give more than just the gift, it’s a little bit of you that goes with it.